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This channel is for the mature, career-established, business-owning, self confident, fun-loving 40+ year old bride who just wants to get some ideas for her own wedding, chat it up about wedding issues / problems they're facing, discuss reframing what a bride today is and more. Come on in! Whether this is your first, second or third+ marriage, whether you have kids or don't, straight, gay, bi, Christian or non-religious, drinkers or sippers, dog-owners or cat-lovers - whatever kind of bride you are, you're welcome here.

Nov 23, 2021

Did you know 1 in 4 weddings are considered a "destination wedding," with most occurring within the continental United States (source: XO Group, Travel Agent Central)? I'm not really calling what I did a destination wedding, since ours was just in another city - a SMALLER city than where we essentially live. We chose it for family reasons - largely so my 92-year old grandma could attend without having to spend the night somewhere (something she absolutely cannot do with her sundowners version of dementia). However, neither of us lived in that city, nor did any of our family members or friends (or planner!!). So I think I picked up a few tips you might wanna know. So if you're planning a wedding in a city where no one else lives, this video's for you. Also, be sure to grab my freebie Ultimate 40 Year Old Bride Guide - with all my best tips I wish I had my hands on when I was planning my wedding this year. Cheers and you're welcome!

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