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This channel is for the mature, career-established, business-owning, self confident, fun-loving 40+ year old bride who just wants to get some ideas for her own wedding, chat it up about wedding issues / problems they're facing, discuss reframing what a bride today is and more. Come on in! Whether this is your first, second or third+ marriage, whether you have kids or don't, straight, gay, bi, Christian or non-religious, drinkers or sippers, dog-owners or cat-lovers - whatever kind of bride you are, you're welcome here.

Nov 3, 2021

Everyone says "You're 40 - you can wear what you want because you don't care what people think anymore!" If that were true, you wouldn't have found this podcast. Part of you still cares a bit what your friends and family think. You want something that's true to you, true to your vision for your special day and at the same time - accepted by the ones you love and care about the most (within reason). Here's my $0.02 on what to wear - and it expands beyond just the day-of gown.

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